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Show/Hide Assembly Manager | Fabrication Tools for Revit
Assembly Manager is a browser within Revit that gives you a list of all your assemblies and packages, and access to their most relevant information with just one glance.
Assembly Manager
To activate the Assembly Manager, click on the Show Assembly Manager tool.
Show Assembly Manager Tool
To deactivate it click on the Hide Assembly Manager tool.
Hide Assembly Manager Tool
The Assembly Manager shows the prefix, number, name and quantity.
Assembly Manager - Prefix, Number, Name and Quantity
With one click you can open 3D view, sheet and schedule for each assembly.
Assembly Manager - 3D View, Sheet, Schedule
You can see if there is QR code generated and if the assembly/package is in progress or complete.
Assembly Manager - QR Code, Progress Status
Under the assemblies list in the Assembly Manager, you can find some of the same tools you have in the Fabrication Tools tab. They function exactly as their counterparts on the ribbon. They are: Create Assembly, Combine Assembly, Create Package, Un-Package and Delete Package.
Create Assembly, Combine Assembly, Create Package, Un-Package and Delete Package Tools
The In-Progress/Completed tool marks an assembly/package as either in progress - which would mean you are still working on it, or as completed - which marks your work on it is done.
In-Progress/Completed Tool
At the bottom of the Assembly Manager, you can order your assemblies alphabetically in ascending and descending order by the name of each item on the list.
Order Ascending
Order Descending
The next two buttons allow you to move a particular assembly up or down the list to re-order the items as you wish.
Move Up
Move Down
The plus button gives you a quick access to Open View for the selected assembly/package, giving you the option to open and view different parts of your item: 3D View, Sheet, Schedule, Assembly Content, Alternative Assembly Content and Isolate in View.
Open View Tool
The next four buttons are for the Export ToolsB.O.M., Fabrication Reports, Export Job File and Export to TigerStop and function the same was as clicking on them in the Fabrication Tools tab.
B.O.M., Fabrication Reports, Export Job File and Export to TigerStop Tools
By clicking on the Settings icon, you will store the current assembly setting as a new preset directly into the Assembly Settings tool.
Settings Tool
You can use the new preset by choosing an assembly and clicking on the SPOOL button. The assembly will re-configure and load with the new layout.
Spool Tool
The Print button allows you to print a Sheet or a Label with just one click.
Use the Search filed at the top of the Assembly Manager to easily find any assembly/package.
Directly in the Assembly Manager, you can right-click on any item and will get instant access to most of the Fabrication Tools.
Assembly Manager - Context Menu
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