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Settings give you access to the general options for the Fabrication Tools plugin.
Settings Tool

User Interface

In the User Interface section you can select which tools panels you want visible under the Fabrication Tools tab. If there are tools you do not need, you might choose to hide them from view, so they do not clutter your workspace. To hide a specific tools panel simply uncheck it from the list. You can return it to your Fabrication Tools tab at any point by going back to User Interface and activation the tools panel you need.
Settings - User Interface

Fabrication Report

In the Fabrication Report section you can select the behaviour, look and general information for the exports done using the Fabrication Reports tool.
Settings - Fabrication Report

After Generating Specbook

You can choose if you want the generated report to open automatically after it is created. If you do not want the file to open automatically, you can select for Fabrication Tools to ask you if you want to open the new file after it is generated or not.
Settings - Fabrication Report - After Generating Specbook


You can select the colors used in the generated file, for examples your company colours or the colors you usually use to format your reports.
Settings - Fabrication Report - Colors


This is the information that will be added to each generated report file, so you do not need to add or change the general data every time.
Settings - Fabrication Report - Information


In the TigerStop section you can change the settings for the TigerStop Links. The same menu is opened through the TigerStop Settings tool.
Settings - TigerStop

Export Settings

Choose if you want your CutList exported to one file and how many assemblies you want per file.
Settings - TigerStop - Export Settings

Profile Setting

Navigate to the default folder where you have TigerStop Links profile settings saved. You can select to use a pre-existing profile or make a new one.
Settings - TigerStop - Links File Location
Through Length Parameter you can select the columns you are looking to export and map those columns to each associated Revit parameter.
Settings - TigerStop - Length Parameter
Settings - TigerStop - Length Parameter
For more details see the TigerStop Settings documentation.


In the About section you can see the License Agreement for the Fabrication Tools for Revit plugin. We advise you to read that carefully.
Settings - About


In the Help find more information about the Fabrication Tools for Revit.
Settings - Help
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