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Feedback gives you a one-click way to communicate with us, whether it is to report a bug, ask a question for a particular tool or make any observation about the Fabrication Tools for Revit. We take your feedback seriously. All of your feedback from this form is sent directly to our Slack team channel #allied_feedback. You can upload images, videos, and Revit project files of any size and they will be distributed to our team for testing and troubleshooting. Inputting all values here expedites the information our team has on file to aid and assist on each given issue.
1. Click on the Feedback tool.
Feedback Tool
2. A dialog box will open asking for your information.
Feedback Dialog Box
3. Enter your contact information – name, email, phone number.
4. Tell us how to be of service to you.
5. Attach any file, including Revit files, that can help you clarify the issue.
6. When you are done, click Send.
Send Feedback
We will get back to you as soon as possible!
Thanks for your feedback.
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