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A Forge BIM 360 App Integration for BIM 360 Design, Docs, and Construction Cloud users.

Fabrication Center Overview

The Building Information Modeling (BIM) process is still new to many contractors. Fabrication Center® was designed to help all contractors adopt this new process easily. Fabrication Center® allows smooth information transferring between 3D fabrication modelers and the prefabrication shop or foreman on the job site. Fabrication Center® is a first of its kind SaaS software application for Autodesk® Revit® and Autodesk® Revit® MEP that helps designers more efficiently optimize assembly spooling and material procurement. Fabrication Center® ensures that all assemblies are error-free and export-ready for prefabrication or on-site fabrication with TigerStop machines, thus saving time, and reducing the cost for the contractor.
Assemblies may then be processed using Fabrication Center® TigerStop export tools. Assemblies can be exported and pipes can be filtered to be optimized to the user's TigerStop machine. Upon applying TigerStop settings, exporting assemblies, pipe segments can easily be translated to a .CSV file and run on the user's TigerLink 6 profile that is linked to their Fabrication Tools for Revit® application. Fabrication Desktop® connects to this process allowing users to streamline communications of assemblies to their fabrication shops.
Connect to BIM 360®. Directly access your hubs, project files, and Revit® models. User's can view their projects that contain assemblies, procure packages for staging products for fabrication, translate packages to orders, and export the TigerStop cut lists from the Fabrication Center® as downloadable cut list files for TigerLink 6® cutting software. Users can access 3D views and sheets to the associated models and navigate through their projects with ease. Fabrication Center® allows users to easily navigate and convey design intent to their fabrication teams.
  • Directly connect to BIM 360® Design/Docs account.
  • Fetches user's hub, projects, and files to the Fabrication Center®
  • Create Packages
  • Create Orders
  • Upload TigerStop Settings
  • Assign Fabrication Shops
  • Assign work orders to specific shops.
  • Send orders to suppliers
  • Visualize the fabrication process.
Bill of Material Accuracy & Quality Control Assurance
TigerStop TigerLink 6 Integration - Create Profiles and Export to TigerStop!
Fully Integrated with Revit and Revit MEP
Supports collaboration between multiple design users, and allowing for compatibility back and forth between Revit and Fabrication Tools for Revit™ | Fabrication Center™| Fabrication Desktop™
Autodesk and Revit are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., in the USA and other countries.
Fabrication Center® outputs critical data on each assembly, such as assembly names, pipe sizes, lengths, and quantities, into .CSV files. These files may be electronically transferred to programmable TigerStop machines to ensure accuracy in fabrication. For traditional, non-programmable machines, assembly data may be output into .XLS files that can be printed and used as a comprehensive guide to correctly mark each assembly piece.
Compatible with all TigerStop TigerLink 6 connected machines.
Compatible with Allied Fabrication Desktop.
Trial Description
30-Day Full Trial: Downloading this application will grant full access to all features and functionality for 30 days. Upon expiration of the trial, licenses may be purchased from the Allied BIM storefront The subscription is available for monthly and annually auto-renewal as well as single and a ten (10) licenses group pack for better pricing.
Please visit for additional support and information.
Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer) and the subscription includes Fabrication Tools for Revit.®
About This Version
Version 1.00.00, 01/07/2021
1) Stability improvements
2.) General Bug Fixes
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The Login Process

Login to the Fabrication Center by navigating here and by clicking login. You can also navigate directly to the login page here.
Login to the Fabrication Center through Allied BIM's website.
User Login Screen
Authorize application
Select your BIM 360 HUB
Select a project to view in the Fabrication Center Viewer

Assembly Manager Overview

Activate the Assembly Manager


View 3D and 2D views of a selected Assembly. Create Packages and Export Directly to TigerStop!
3D and 2D View Isolation
Create Package
Create Package - Name of the Package.
Display's Package Icon and Displays that "Package #1" has been created.
Search for Assemblies with ease. Displays which Assemblies are contained in package(s).


The Packages Tab
Save Changes.
Display when user saves changes.
Package 3D View Isolation
Create an Order from a Package. Select from a list of your designated shops.
Order #1 created successfully!


The Order's Tab
Order 3D View Isolation, Order Package Information, and Assembly contents of Package.


The Shop's Tab


The Setting's Tab


Quickly navigate back to your BIM 360 Home 3D View.
The Home Button

Markups List

View all user markups on the associated project.
The Markups List

SnapShots List

View all user snapshots on the associated project.
The SnapShots List Button


Create a SnapShot and share it with your team instantly.
The SnapShot Button
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