Create Package (Revit View)
Create Package (Revit View) | Fabrication Tools for Revit
Create Package (Revit View) creates a package by selecting assemblies in the view area of Revit.
1. Click on the Create Package (Revit View) tool.
Create Package (Revit View) Tool
2. In the view area draw a selection box around all the assemblies you want to package.
Select Assemblies to Package
3. Click Finish.
Execute the Packaging Process
4. A dialog box will ask for the details of the new package.
Create Package Dialog Box
  • Enter a name.
  • Choose a package sheet.
  • Choose a package schedules category.
  • Select schedule view templates.
To use the Schedule View Template functionality, you must have previously saved templates from which to choose.
5. You can see the new package at the top in your Assembly Manager. It has different colour and icon than the regular assemblies.
New Package in Assembly Manager
View New Package
You can get access to the separate assembly details by clicking on the package in the Assembly Manager and choosing the relevant sheet.
View Assemblies in Package
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