Create Assembly
Create Assembly | Fabrication Tools for Revit
Create Assembly allows you to create an assembly by selecting elements in the view area.
1. Click on the Create Assembly tool.
Create Assembly Tool
2. In the view area draw a selection box around all elements you want to include in your assembly.
Select elements for a new assembly
3. Click Finish.
Execute the assembly creation process
4. A dialog box will ask for the details of the new assembly.
Create Assembly Dialog Box
    Enter a name for the new assembly.
Name the new assembly
    Choose whether to use Assembly Settings.
Choose views for the assembly
    Choose Assembly Settings preset.
Choose settings for the assembly
To use the View From Assembly Settings functionality, you must have previously saved presets from which to choose. See Assembly Setting documentation to learn more.
5. You can see the new assembly in the Assembly Manager.
New assembly created
6. Click on the sheet in the Assembly Manager to open the information of the new assembly.
View the new assembly
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