Automatic Renumber
Automatic Renumber | Fabrication Tools for Revit
Automatic Renumber automatically renumbers already existing tags.
To use the Automatic Renumber tool, you must have previously generated tags for your assembly parts. See Automatic Tags documentation to learn more.
1. Click on the Automatic Renumber tool.
Automatic Renumber Tool
2. A dialog box will ask for the details of the new numbering.
Automatic Renumber Dialog Box
  • Enter a starting value.
  • Select tag symbols.
  • Choose whether to select one element (to tag all) or select two elements (where you will need to select the first and last element in a chain and the tool will renumber all elements in between the selected).
Start Selection
End Selection
  • As soon as you make your selections in the View area the new numbering will be applied automatically.
Tags are Renumbered
  • When you are happy with your settings click Apply.
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