Assembly Settings
Assembly Settings | Fabrication Tools for Revit
Assembly Settings creates presets you can use when creating assemblies. See Create Assembly documentation to learn more.
1. Click on the Assembly Settings tool.
Assembly Settings Tool
2. A dialog box will ask for the details of the new settings.
Assembly Settings Dialog Box
  • You can enter a prefix.
  • Select if you want to create tags automatically.
  • Select if you want to retain viewport scale.
  • Choose your next action.
3. Click Create to create a new settings preset.
Create New Preset
4. A new dialog box will ask for the scale, values and views you want to create. Select as needed and click Ok.
Create Assembly Settings
5. The new assembly settings preset is created.
New Preset Created
6. Click on Preview for an overview of the new settings.
Preview Preset
7. You can rearrange and set how you want the different views to appear.
Rearrange Preset View
8. When you have the arrangement you want click Hide, the layout will update automatically.
Hide Preset View
9. Click on Assemblies to create a settings preset from an existing assembly.
Create Preset from Assembly
  • A pop-up window will give you the list of all your existing assemblies.
Chose an Existing Assembly
  • Choose the assembly you want to use to make a preset and click Ok.
Confirm Selection
10. From the Store Assembly Settings dialog box, you can also:
  • Rename an existing preset.
Rename Preset
Rename Preset
  • Save the preset setting to a local drive.
Save Preset
Save Preset
  • Load a previously saved preset from your drive.
Load Preset
Load Preset
  • Remove a preset that you no longer need.
Remove Preset
Remove Preset
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