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“Fabrication Tools for Revit” is focused on conforming to the company that uses the tool. This means that all branding and company standards are taken into account for the end-user and loaded through settings to allow the user to define what their firm needs are and how it will fit into the company’s picture for ultimate success. This tool isn’t about being the new kid on the block and boasting it’s name across the industry. This tool is about making the end user’s life less repetitious and for creating a unique experience based on the company’s standards and goals.
Our goal in all that we code and develop is for sheer compatibility, through a tried and tested approach, with a membership through Alliance. As a member of the alliance, these set of tools are bound to comply that the application tools and interface will be compatible with other Revit .addins in the Alliance group, as well as being centrally focused on integrating and operating within Revit natively. This means that all tools are identical in formatting and operate as if they are cohesive to out-of-the-box Revit. Our promise is that these tools will comply with everything outlined here/within, and we encourage you to give the tools a try where you will see this come to light.
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